9 Signs Your Bug Bite Needs Medical Attention

9 Signs Your Bug Bite Needs Medical Attention

Clay Ball March 16, 2020

Summer is the favorite season for most people for one reason: their days are full of barbecues in the backyard, pool parties and long days at the beach. However, while dog days provide sunlight and bleeding, they contain a nuisance also that is not found during the rest of the year: insects. It’s not just that they are annoying either; unluckily, many of these irritating bugs also have the potential to cause serious damage.

As a result, if we can’t avoid mistakes altogether, then what needs to be done to avoid a trip to the hospital? Well, remember the signs we have compiled here that a bug bite is causing serious harm to the human body.

  1. The Area Around the Bite Is Swollen

Although swelling is a general reaction to most insect bites, excessive it may be a reason for concern. When you become aware that the area around the bite continues to swell after somedays, or even that the swelling spreads to other parts of the body, then it is very important that you seek medical attention to determine the kind of bite and receive the corresponding treatment.

  1. There Are Bruises

Most insect bites will swell when you see the puncture, but some will bruise unless something serious happens. If a mysterious bite begins to turn black and blue, something inside your body is likely to be checked, such as an allergic reaction to a mosquito’s saliva or even a staph infection.

  1. You Are Experiencing Chest Pain

Although rare, insect bites can cause severe allergic reactions that result in fatal heart attacks. Go to the hospital immediately if you ever notice a bug bite in your body and then begin to experience chest pain.

  1. You Feel Dizzy

Feeling dizzy after being bitten by an insect could mean that you are allergic to that pest. In other cases, it could also mean that you have been bitten by a black widow spider, and you will need to seek medical attention anyway.

  1. You Are Vomiting

Nausea can accompany some serious complications from insect bites, including the Chikungunya virus, Lyme disease, and venomous spider bites. Fortunately, most of these complications can be easily treated by a medical expert, as long as they are approached as soon as they begin to show symptoms and make sure you are very careful.

  1. Find a Target on Your Skin

Never ignore a target shooting eruption surrounding a bug bite. Generally, this rash is a snitch indication of Lyme disease, a tick-borne disease that if left untreated, can cause neurological disorders, arthritis as well as heart palpitations.

  1. You Have a Fever

When your temperature begins to rise after being bitten by an unknown insect, then it could be dealing with a brown recluse spider bite. Unluckily, these spiders have a more dangerous poison than that of a rattlesnake, so if there is a small chance that you have been bitten by one, you should contact a medical professional without delay.

  1. You Have Frequent Headaches

Headaches can be indicative of some things like the chikungunya virus. Transmitted by female Aedes mosquitoes, this infection has no prevention or cure, however medical professionals can prescribe pain medications to make you feel more comfortable since the virus passes.

  1. The Skin Around the Bite Is Warm

Instantly after being bitten by an insect, it is normal for your body to defend itself. You may notice that the skin around the bite is hot to the touch during the first few days, however, if the skin remains inflamed and hot after some days, you may be dealing with an infected bite that needs antibiotics.

There is a difference between exhaustion and normal fatigue that will not decrease. On the one hand, it is usual to be tired after spending the whole night outside and resting a few hours. However, if you sleep 12 hours at night and is still waking up exhausted, then you could be dealing with one of several diseases, such as chikungunya or Lyme disease. It is best to get yourself checked out because chronic fatigue can harshly impact your everyday life.

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