What Is Diarrhea and why it’s Dangerous

What Is Diarrhea and why it’s Dangerous

Donna Flores June 22, 2020

Few people think about using diarrhea tablets when they’re afflicted by diarrhea, yet they can be helpful. Diarrhea is unpleasant and most people don’t think about it until it hits them – usually unexpectedly – and it’s awful. You spend most of the day in the bathroom and feel awful before, during, and afterward; it drains your energy and leaves you feeling terrible. Worse of all, diarrhea can strike at any given time and with anyone. Usually, mild cases last around three or four days but may last longer, depending on your condition. So, do you know what diarrhea actually is, and why it’s so dangerous?

Understanding Diarrhea

There are three types of diarrhea which can affect you; those are persistent diarrhea, acute diarrhea, or the most severe is dysentery. Usually, acute diarrhea lasts no longer than two weeks (14-days) and is often watery stools. Persistent diarrhea lasts over two weeks. Dysentery is the most severe and blood appears in the stools; it can also last a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, acute diarrhea is treated with diarrhea tablets but not all cases are suitable for this type of treatment. Symptoms of diarrhea may include:

  • Sudden Bowel Movements
  • Watery Stools
  • Cramping or Bloating in the Abdominal Area
  • A Fever
  • Nausea or Vomiting May Occur
  • Blood Or Mucus in the Stools

Symptoms can vary depending on how severe the diarrhea is. Some may only experience diarrhea once or twice in the day over a three day period. Others may not be so lucky.

 The Causes of Diarrhea

There are a host of reasons why someone might be afflicted by diarrhea, but usually, it’s down to a viral infection of the intestines or stomach. It may also be caused by a food allergy or even IBS. However, the most common cause is a bacterial infection or food poisoning. Parasitic infections and diabetes can be a contributing factor to diarrhea, along with overusing laxatives. Sometimes, those who drink too much alcohol can have occasional cases of diarrhea; this is down to how their bodies react to the alcohol. There are many more causes of diarrhea and some cases might be eased with diarrhea tablets but this won’t apply to all diarrhea cases. More details!

How Dangerous Can It Be?

Dehydration is one of the biggest risks with diarrhea – no matter what type or how severe it may be. Remember, the body loses fluids; you urinate more, sweat more, but don’t take in enough fluids to rehydrate the body. Even when you feel up to drinking water, it sometimes doesn’t get the chance to stay in the body long enough before it’s expelled. It’s a major problem and one of the leading causes of child and adult deaths related to diarrhea. In some severe cases, it can lead to death. Other dangers lie in the form of starvation and an accelerated heartbeat. Diarrhea tablets may help in some cases, but speaking to a doctor is essential.

Tackle Diarrhea Head-On

Sometimes, dietary changes can cause a sudden outbreak of diarrhea and that’s something you have to be aware of, especially if your body consumes more fiber. However, if it’s because of a bacterial infection, you need to contact the doctor for some advice or help. Sometimes, there are no options but to let the infection pass; that’s why speaking to a doctor is necessary to find the right course of action for you. Diarrhea tablets may come in use for some sudden cases of diarrhea but mightn’t be suitable in all. For more details, visit: https://www.alcohol-and-drug-guide.com/9-signs-your-bug-bite-needs-medical-attention/